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Kallucci Boot

The main idea of the designer was bring through simple elements, such as rocks, the aspect of durability and resistance that the product needed, directly approaching its use and the customers lifestyle. The added crystals serve to bring a highlight to the main object, giving a mystical air arousing the curiosity of potential customers.

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Ziina is a new Middle East digital wallet. The product brings delight and allowing people to share joy and emotions with their friends. The app has a very minimal look, emphasizing the user's content and emotions that come with it. The team has adopted a layered information structure and navigation, allowing users to swipe any content from the screen and go back, allowing easy single-hand interactions. Traditional Middle Eastern patterns combined with bold typography and 3D illustrations give the app its unique Ziina look: local, homegrown yet very technological and modern.

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Unfinished Farewell

Unfinished Farewell is an online space to commemorate the people who have left us because of the pandemic. When visitors enter each person's "tomb", they can see their stories and the help-seeking information they posted before they passed away, and leave a message. Behind every number is a life. The website is designed this way so that, when visitors enter this space, they can sense that sort of atmosphere: sorrow, grief, solemn, melancholy, mourning, agony.

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The M6 combines next-generation Wi-Fi 6 technology with Mercku's proprietary WHEMS antenna innovations to create a high-performance wireless mesh router. Housing this powerful technology is a sleek and elegant shell inspired by automotive design with integrated heat dissipation elements to maximize router performance and device longevity.

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Visuals team designed and created a multimedia space for the museum. We came up with the idea of an interactive space, designed installations, architectural plan, technical solutions and visual content, configured and launched the interactive space. Using architectural shapes, we transformed installations into art objects. Constructions are made of artificial stone and perfectly fit the museum space.

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Origami Letter

This is a messaging tool that uses origami to express emotion. Origami is the traditional Japanese craft of paper folding that began as a courtesy. In the past Japanese decorative paper was folded neatly for gift wrapping. This tool uses modern communication to allow people to create a digital origami letter then send it or print and fold it themselves, giving them two ways to enjoy their messages.

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